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KLWD1500-10 Wire Mesh Belt Shot Blasting Machine


Please download E-catalogue of KLWD1500-10 Wire Mesh Belt Shot Blasting Machine for information. If you are interested in it, feel free to contact us. Kholee Blast also provides non-standard wire mesh belt shot blasting machine design and manufacture according to client's requirements.

KLWD1500-10 Wire mesh belt shot blasting machine is used in large quantities of small parts and thin-wall castings, thin-wall and fragile iron or aluminum ally castings, ceramic, and other workpiece surface cleaning. Placing several small workpieces side by side on the wire mesh belt can significantly increase the machine throughput. Standard transport speeds vary between 0.6 – 6 m/min. When the workpieces pass through shot blasting area, rust, dust, oxide layers or sand, burr will be removed. The wire mesh belt shot blasting machine can practically handle any work piece size and throughput with minimum space requirements.

The equipment is comprised of stainless wire mesh belt, shot blasting chamber, blasting wheels, abrasives recycle system, shots clean off system, dust removing system, out-feeding roller conveyor and electrical control system etc.


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