Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shots

  • Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot
  • Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot
Stainless Steel Cut Wire ShotStainless Steel Cut Wire Shot

Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot

  • Place Of Origin: China
  • Shape: As Cut
  • Material: Stainless Steel 304, 202, 201, 430, 410
  • Application: Shot Blasting
  • Description: As a leading manufacturer of stainless steel cut wire shot in China, KHOLEE BLAST provides all kinds of stainless steel shot as cut & conditioned (G1, G2 & G3) for our clients of blasting & peening ap

Stainless steel cut wire shot, is made by cutting stainless steel wires. The Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shots are available as cut or conditioned.

The stainless Steel Shots as cut, which is also called for cylindrical cut wire shots, has the shape edges during the cutting process.

The cylindrical stainless steel cut wire shots is used as blasting material in various industries such as castings, aluminium die castings, brass components and other metals on which ferrous contamination is harmful.

Stainless steel shots conditioned, which is also called for Spherical conditioned stainless steel cut wire shots, is made by stainless steel wire after cutting and conditioning process. During the process, we can obtained several conditioned forms G1 (normal conditioned), G2 (double conditioned) and G3 (special conditioned), where G3 is the perfect rounded particle.

Spherical conditioned stainless cut wire shots are used more in the shot peening process in different industries such as automotive industries, aerospace industry, medical industry, shipping industry etc.

Chemical Composition - Stainless Steel

SS201: C≤0.15, Cr16.0~18.0, Ni3.5~5.5, Mn5.5~7.5, P≤0.060, S≤0.030, Si≤1.0, N≤0.25

SS202: C≤0.15, Cr17.0~19.0, Ni4.0~6.0, Mn7.5~10.0, P≤0.060, S≤0.030, Si≤1.0, N≤0.25

SS301: C≤0.15, Cr16.0~18.0, Ni6.0~8.0, Mn≤2.0, P≤0.065, S≤0.030, Si≤1.0

SS304: C≤0.07, Cr17.0~19.0, Ni8.0~10.0, Mn≤2.0, P≤0.04, S≤0.030, Si≤1.0

SS316: C≤0.08, Cr16.0~18.0, Ni10.0~14.0, Mn≤2.0, Mo2.00~3.00, P≤0.04, S≤0.030, Si≤1.0

● SS410: C≤0.15, Cr11.5~13.5, Ni 0.6 , Mn≤1.0, P≤0.04, S≤0.03, Si≤1.0

SS430: C≤0.12, Cr16.0~18.0, Ni 0, Mn≤1.25, P≤0.04, S≤0.030, Si≤0.75

Available Sizes

Average Hardness

Grain number — Size in mm

0.3mm / 0.4mm / 0.5mm / 0.6mm / 0.8mm

/ 1.0mm / 1.2mm / 1.5mm / 2.0mm / 2.5mm

Other grades are available on request

308 ~509 HV

32 ~50 HRC, Max Deviation ± 3.0HRC

Tensile Strength

Ervin Recycle

1300~2200 Mpa

7000 times


Metallurgical Microstructure

As Cut: cylindrical

CCW / G1 Conditioned: corners pre-rounded

DCCW / G2 Conditioned: semi-rounded

SCCW / G3 Conditioned: perfect rounded

SS201 / SS202 / SS301/ SS304: Austenite

SS410: Martensite

SS430: Ferrite



Specific gravity approx. 7.46~7.93 g/cm3

Bulk density 4.20 – 4.50 kg/dm3

25 kg bags on pallet up to 1 ton

1 ton loose in big bag

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